A Couple Important Things To Watch For With Your Home Air Conditioning

When you have air conditioning in your home, you have the advantage of maintaining the comfortable temperature you want throughout your home on those uncomfortably hot days. Having your air conditioner serviced each year before you begin using it, is the best way to keep it going strong. However, even with proper maintenance, things can happen to the system. When you have things happen to the AC, catching things quickly can be the best bet for keeping repairs affordable and offering the system the longest lifespan possible. Here are two types of things to watch for when your air conditioner is running. If you notice them, then you want a technician to make a call to your home to determine whether there is a problem, what that problem is, and repair it for you. 

Strange sounds start coming from the air conditioning

If you are hearing new sounds from the air conditioning you haven't heard before, then this lets you know something has changed. There are different types of sounds the system could make and different reasons why it could be making them. A high-pitched whistling sound can indicate there is a refrigerant leak. Not only is this problematic for your system, but it can also pose a health and safety risk for your family if they are breathing it in. A hissing sound can let you know there is likely a leak in one of the ducts, and this can cost you a lot of money on your energy bills, as well as put a strain on the system. A rattling or grinding sound can indicate there is a problem with the motor, such as bearing issues or an issue with the fan. 

Weird smells are coming from the system

Another indicator of a problem is there being strange smells coming from the air conditioning system. If you smell something rotten, then there may be something that has died in the ducts, such as a rodent. If you smell a sweet smell, then this can be the smell of refrigerant, meaning there is a refrigerant leak. If there is a burning smell, then you want to turn the air conditioning system off right away, call for someone to come out for an emergency call, and make sure you are watchful for signs of a fire until they get there. A burning smell can indicate an electrical issue that can cause a fire at any moment.

For more information on AC repair, contact a professional near you.