Don't Let A Defective Pressure Relief Valve Break Your Boiler

A boiler is essential in many commercial establishments, providing warmth and hot water. However, like all machines, it can malfunction for various reasons. One of the more common reasons is a faulty pressure relief valve.

The Role of the Pressure Relief Valve  

The pressure relief valve releases steam or water vapor that has built up inside the boiler to prevent the pressure from getting too high and causing damage to the boiler.

If the pressure relief valve malfunctions, it may not release the steam or water vapor, allowing the pressure to continue to build. This can cause the boiler to overheat, potentially leading to a rupture or other damage. Therefore, repairing your pressure relief valve as soon as possible is essential. 

Clearing Out Clogs

The pressure relief valve can sometimes clog because debris and sediment can build up inside it, causing it to clog and malfunction. It's imperative to clear the clog to avoid damaging your boiler. Turn the boiler off and use a wire brush to remove debris from the valve's interior. Be careful not to scratch the valve.

Replacing Defective Valves

The valve might also be damaged or faulty, causing it to stick. To fix it, you must gather the necessary tools, such as wrenches and pliers, to remove and replace the old valve. Disconnect the hose from the valve and drain any water remaining in the system. Then, you can detach the valve by removing the nuts and screws that hold it in place. You can then attach and test the new valve to ensure it works.

Testing is necessary because an improperly installed valve will not work correctly. Otherwise, the valve will not function as intended, and the same problems will exist that can cause the boiler to rupture. Also, no safety mechanism will be in place to protect the boiler and its surroundings from excessive pressure. This can result in severe damage to the boiler or even explosions that could cause harm to people nearby.

Hiring a Boiler Repair Service

If you need help with how to repair your boiler, it's essential to hire a boiler repair technician instead of trying to service it yourself. If you do not service the boiler, it might break down and cost more than a boiler repair service will charge. The technician might also discover problems with your boiler that you must investigate, such as a faulty thermostat or electrical connection problems.

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