4 Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Not Be Working

If you enjoy staying comfortable in the heat of summer, you will need to rely on your air conditioner to do so. Living without the comfort of air conditioning can be difficult for people of any age. It is important to be aware of things that could potentially cause problems with your unit and work to fix this yourself or by calling an HVAC professional immediately.

Tip #1: Condenser issues

If the condenser in your unit begins to develop problems, your unit could not run properly as a result. Listed below are things to do if this happens:

  1. Ensure a fuse hasn't blown and created the problem.
  2. Lower the setting on the thermostat.
  3. Check to make certain the motor isn't faulty.

Tip #2: Inadequate cooling

If your home isn't getting cool enough, this could be the result of several potential issues. Consider checking the things listed below to determine why your unit is properly cooling:

  1. The unit for your home is not large enough.
  2. The thermostat is set too high, which causes your home not to cool as it should.
  3. You may have a leak where your refrigerant is located, or you may be out of Freon, which works to keep the air cool.

You may need to hire an HVAC specialist to replace the unit, or to find and repair a leak.

Tip #3: Damaged belt 

If you hear a squealing noise coming from your air conditioning unit, this could be a sign of a faulty or damaged belt. A damaged belt could potentially cause long-term problems. You should oil any existing belts that may have become worn and dry over time and replace a worn out belt to prevent further problems from happening.

Tip #4: Dirty filters

Your unit may not be running effectively if it continues to turn on and off frequently. You should check to the filters to ensure these are clean. It is recommended to change the air filters in your home at least once every three months. Additionally, the problem may stem from a blocked or dirty condenser. Be sure to clean this area frequently to get the best results from your unit.

You can enjoy the benefits offered by your air conditioning unit when it is running as it should. Be sure to consult with an HVAC specialist like Atlantic Heating and Cooling who can repair any problem you may have and get your unit back in excellent shape in no time at all.