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Signs That Indicate Trouble With Your Natural Gas Furnace

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As a homeowner with a natural gas furnace in the home, you are going to want to be fully aware of the things that indicate trouble with it. This way, you will know when to call in a professional HVAC contractor. To help you with this, you can easily review the following signs of natural gas furnace trouble. Explosion Sounds Okay, so your furnace might not have actually exploded, but if you find that is occasionally sounds like it is, then you have a problem. This sound is generally the result of a buildup of natural gas that is sitting...

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Two Reasons for Reduced HVAC Airflow

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There are so many things that could go wrong with your HVAC system that it is often easiest to just call a specialist. However, if you notice reduced airflow when using your heating or air conditioning, there are a few things you can do on your own to check out your system. You might even end up finding the problem and fixing it yourself. A Clogged Furnace Filter A clogged furnace filter is often the cause of reduced air flow with central heating and air conditioning. Many central heating and air conditioning systems use the air pump on the...

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Think You Have Mold Inside Your Ductwork? Learn 3 Signs Of Mold Growth

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Mold not only has the potential to devalue your house, but it can pose a health risk to those that live in your home. Mold is called the silent killer for a reason because it can cause people to suffer from congestion, headaches, eye and skin irritation, and even respiratory problems. Mold can be easy to identify when it is in an open area of your home, but is much tougher to identify when it is hidden in your ductwork. Here are three ways to tell if you have molds growing inside your ductwork.  Smell A good indication that you have a...

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3 Commonly Experienced Air Conditioning Problems

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When you need to be sure that your home is comfortable and able to provide you the thermal quality that you need, you’ll need to take great care of it with maintenance and repair. While the best way to remedy these issues is to reach out to an air conditioning repair contractor, there are some common problems that you might be able to troubleshoot before having to make that call. In this regard, read on to learn a few of the most commonly experienced air conditioning issues.    #1: Your Air Conditioner Will Not Power On One of...

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AC Not Working? It Could Be A Problem With Your Thermostat

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Coming home after a long, hard day at work to find that your central air conditioner is not working might be extremely aggravating for you. If you try changing the thermostat and nothing happens, the problem may actually be with the thermostat. To find out what is preventing the system from working and to get the problem fixed, you may want to call a company that offers 24 hour air conditioning services. How To Tell If You Have A Faulty Thermostat If you mess around with your thermostat and cannot get the AC system to turn on, there is a good...

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The Importance of Keeping Your Air Conditioning in the Best Condition

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If you have central air conditioning in your home, it is probably something that you have quickly come accustomed to having. Even if you think that you could go without it for a while, there are many reasons why you want to strive to keep it in the best possible shape at all times. If you are not sure as to why that would be, take a moment to reflect on the following reasons. This way, you will be ready to take action in a moment’s notice when you realize that the air conditioning unit is having problems. Proper Humidity Levels Some...

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Condensation: Another Reason To Get Your Air Conditioning Fixed Sooner Rather Than Later

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If your air conditioning unit is disabled or not functioning efficiently, you may start to notice signs of condensation build up in your home. Most of the time, condensation appears on your home’s windows, making them appear foggy and streaked. In severe cases, standing water may accumulate on window seals.  How is condensation related to your air conditioner? When it’s running properly, your air conditioning unit helps remove moisture and humidity from the air. When it’s not working, your home can become steamy very...

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Old Pipes Leaking And Clogging? A Few Plumbing Solutions

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If you live in a very old home and the pipes are constantly dripping and clogging, you need to know if you have a leak, blockage or condensation problem throughout the plumbing system. If the pipes are very old, you should also be concerned about the quality of your drinking water, and you need to have the pipes examined by an expert.    A plumber can come to the home and examine the interior and exterior of the plumbing throughout the interior and the exterior of the house, and they can look at the sewer pipes and septic tank as...

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3 Improvements A Heating Contractor Can Make In Your Older Home

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During the winter, heating contractors are busy helping people save money on utility expenses and improving the performance of heating systems in older homes. Anyone who doesn’t live in a home built in the last ten years and hasn’t made any energy-related upgrades should call a heating contractor for a home evaluation. There are three major things a heating contractor can do to update a heating system in an older home. Evaluate Your Furnace’s Location In older homes, the furnace is sometimes located in a room that...

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Four Things You Should Know About Geothermal Loops And HVAC Conversions

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If you are looking for a way to improve the HVAC system in your home, there are many things that you can do. Some things may include replacing heating systems, installing alternative systems and other upgrades. You can also use geothermal technology and have a system that works much like your central HVAC. The conversion of your system will include installing a geothermal loop, which there are also several different options for them, such as vertical and horizontal installation. If you are converting to geothermal HVAC, here are four things...

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