Five Tips To Keep Your Ducts Clean During A Home Remodel

Remodeling work can be hard on your HVAC system and ductwork, especially if you are having a dusty drywall job completed. Vacuuming and keeping the work area clean helps minimize dust, but it can still get sucked into your HVAC system and blown throughout the house via the ducts. These tips can help manage the remodeling dust, while also keeping your ducts in peak condition.

Tip #1: Shut Down the System

The best defense against duct and HVAC problems during remodeling is to completely shut down the system when work is in progress. Scheduling remodeling jobs for the mild spring or fall season may allow you to put your heater and air conditioner on complete standby until the work is complete.

Tip #2: Seal the Vents

If you can't live without your HVAC system during the project, at least seal off the vents and registers in the rooms where the work is occurring. Even with the system off, it's best to seal the vents so dust and debris don't fall into them.

The vents need closed, and then covered with plastic that is taped in place. Don't seal off more than half the registers in your home, though, as this can impede air flow and put unnecessary stress on the system.

Tip #3: Close Off Rooms

Closing off the rooms you are remodeling from the rest of the house further helps keep dust and debris out of the duct work. Use heavy contractor tarps as doors over the work area, taping them into place so the dust doesn't escape. Most remodeling companies will help you seal off the area to minimize the dust in the rest of the house, but it's still a good idea to visually inspect the barriers each day to make sure they are still sealed properly.

Tip #4: Clean the Filter

Your HVAC filter will get dirty more often if you are running the system during a remodeling project. Check the filter weekly and clean or change it out as soon as it starts to collect debris. This prevents a clogged filter, which can put unnecessary stress on your HVAC system. It also ensures the filter isn't collecting dust, which can be blown into other parts of the duct system and home.

Tip #5: Schedule a Duct Inspection and Cleaning

After your remodeling project is done, schedule a full duct inspection and cleaning. The cleaning company (such as Jones Air Conditioning & Electric) will blow out your ducts and remove all the remodeling dust. They will also perform a full inspection to make sure no duct damage occurred, as well as fixing any leaks or damage they find.

Maintaining your ducts both before and after a remodeling project doesn't just keep the dust down in the house, it also ensures your system heats and cools efficiently. A more efficient system uses less energy and puts less stress on your furnace and air conditioner.