3 Improvements A Heating Contractor Can Make In Your Older Home

During the winter, heating contractors are busy helping people save money on utility expenses and improving the performance of heating systems in older homes. Anyone who doesn't live in a home built in the last ten years and hasn't made any energy-related upgrades should call a heating contractor for a home evaluation. There are three major things a heating contractor can do to update a heating system in an older home.

Evaluate Your Furnace's Location

In older homes, the furnace is sometimes located in a room that isn't insulated at all. With fewer building regulations and before central heating existed, builders from long ago would often place furnaces near outer walls or wherever there was room. Having a poorly placed furnace can cause a furnace to have to work harder to heat a home, which is more expensive. A heating contractor can move your furnace to a place in your home that is better insulted. This may require the contractor to build a location within your home that is insulated and centrally located.

Upgrade Your Vents and Ducts

Similar to needing a furnace room that is insulated and centrally located, it's also important to have heat ducts and vents that are insulated. If a contractor decides to change the location of your heater, it will likely be necessary to upgrade some of the ventilation system. Older ventilation systems aren't insulated for energy efficiency and leak air. If you have really old ventilation equipment, it may also be caked in dirt and rust. If you have to invest in moving your furnace, your contractor will likely encourage you to overhaul old ventilation equipment. This will save you money in energy costs down the road.

Install A Fully Automated System

Although many older homes have thermostats to monitor the heating and cooling system, older thermostats don't automate functions and have to be adjusted manually a lot. Having a fully automated system for heating and cooling helps you monitor the performance of your heating system. When putting in a new furnace and new ventilation, your contractor can also help you save money on your new equipment with a home automation control system. Home automation control panels allow a homeowner to control airflow in each part of the home.

In today's world, with all of the new energy-saving products, it's worth doing what you can to update your heating system. Your home will be a place that always has an even and comfortable temperature, and you won't have to spend a fortune to have it that way. Contact a heating contractor like Clay's Climate Control LLC today.