Old Pipes Leaking And Clogging? A Few Plumbing Solutions

If you live in a very old home and the pipes are constantly dripping and clogging, you need to know if you have a leak, blockage or condensation problem throughout the plumbing system. If the pipes are very old, you should also be concerned about the quality of your drinking water, and you need to have the pipes examined by an expert.   

A plumber can come to the home and examine the interior and exterior of the plumbing throughout the interior and the exterior of the house, and they can look at the sewer pipes and septic tank as well. Here are a few things to ask the plumber about when they do the inspection.

Pipe Galvanization

If the pipes are very old, water rushing through the pipes may start to wear on the metal, exposing lead. This is called pipe galvanization and can cause the water to be harmful to drink. If the plumber can see that there concerns with the pipes, they may decide to test the drinking water. Pipes that are affected will have to be replaced.

Leaking and Condensation

If water is dripping, it could be from hot water coming through cold pipes and causing condensation, or there could be a damaged pipe or fixture. You have to stop the problem to prevent mold and mildew from forming. You can have the pipes insulated so you don't have to worry about condensation, and the plumber can replace or repair any flaws with the plumbing components.

Drain Cleaning

Another problem with old pipes is that debris will accumulate in the drains, and you don't know if the drains have ever been cleaned. The plumber can run a machine with a snake through all of the drains to remove all of the gunk that could be slowing down the water flow. You can have all of the pipes cleaned if needed, which will remove odors that come from the plumbing.

Old plumbing is something you have to worry about, because you could be ingesting dangerous toxins every day if your pipes are corroding on the inside. A plumbing professional like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating should be willing to do a consultation of the damages, and give you an estimate for the cost of repairs. If you don't want to pay that much money or you are worried that the cost is too high, you can always get another quote from another plumbing company.