4 Ideas To Improve The Efficiency And Reliability Of Your Renewable Energy Systems

If you have invested in renewable energy for your home, such as solar arrays to produce power, wind energy or solar collectors for heating and hot water, they may not produce all the energy you need. The solar array alone, may make little difference on the power you use in your home. It is a combination of these systems and efficient improvements that will help make your home independent. Here are some ideas you may want to consider to make your renewable energy systems more efficient:

1. Add A Solar Water Heater To Give Your Home Heating And Hot Water

There are many ways that you can use solar energy in your home. With PV panels, solar energy can be used to produce electricity for your home. You can also use it as a way to heat your home with things like passive heating. You may also want to talk with a heating and air conditioning contractor about installing a solar hot water heater to provide mechanical systems with thermal energy.

2. Improve Solar PV Panels With Micro Converters And Efficient Controls

If you do use solar panels on your home, there are many things that can be done to make them more efficient. For example, you may want to install micro converters and more efficient controllers. The micro converters will help prevent problems with drops in power production when there is a problem with just one panel in an array.

3. Add Wind Energy To Help Reduce The Need For A Grid-Tied System

In addition to solar energy, you may also want to consider adding wind energy to your home. This can be done with the addition of wind turbines that can be integrated into a solar system. There are even vertical turbines that can be an attractive solution and less noticeable than the conventional windmill types of turbines.

4. Use Water Collection And Grey Water For Drip Irrigation And Other Needs

Water collection is another solution that you may want to consider for energy efficiency. You can use water from rain for clean potable water in your home. You can also reuse grey water from things like appliances to be used for the irrigation systems of your home. This can help make your home more efficient and sustainable.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider to help make your home more efficient with renewable energy systems. If you are ready to improve the energy systems for your home, contact a heating and air conditioning contractor like C & D Cooling & Heating Co and talk with them about efficient energy solutions for your home's HVAC system.