Clean Vent Covers And Duct Openings That Are Connected To Your Mobile Home's Central Air System

If you moved into an older mobile home and cool air does not blow strongly through the vents that are attached to the duct work that runs underneath the trailer when your central air conditioning system is turned on, debris may be trapped inside of each duct opening. The following steps will teach you how to clean the vent covers and duct openings to assist with even air flow. Once finished with the cleaning steps, keep the duct openings maintained to prevent future problems. 


  • screwdriver
  • vacuum cleaner with hose or brush attachment
  • bucket
  • dish detergent
  • water
  • bleach
  • scrub brush
  • lint-free cleaning cloths
  • disposable gloves
  • flashlight

Remove And Clean The Covers

Turn off the power to the air conditioning system. Use a screwdriver to remove hardware that is connected to the vent covers. If dust is stuck between the grooves in each cover, use the hose attachment to a vacuum cleaner to remove it. Place the covers in a bucket of soapy water. Leave them in the cleaning solution for several minutes to loosen dirty residue. Use a scrub brush to loosen dirt from each cover's surface.

If any of the covers have stains on them that are difficult to remove, use a scrub brush and a small amount of bleach to remove them. Rinse the covers with water and dry each one with a lint-free cloth. 

Clean The Duct Openings

Put on a pair of disposable gloves. Shine a flashlight into each duct opening and remove any large debris that is inside of them by hand. If dust is caked on the interior walls of each opening, use a vacuum cleaner hose or brush attachment to loosen and remove it. Use a damp, soapy cloth to wipe off the interior walls when finished, followed by a cloth that has only been dampened with water. Once you have cleaned each of the duct openings to the best of your ability, dry their interiors with a clean cloth.

Maintain The Covers And Openings

Replace the vent covers and secure the hardware pieces in each one. Turn on the air conditioning system and check the airflow that is emitted through each cover. If the airflow feels stronger and the inside of your mobile home cools down in a reasonable amount of time, the cleaning steps that you completed were successful. Inspect and clean the duct openings and vent covers periodically in order to prevent blockages or inconsistent airflow in the future. Get more info about duct cleaning on this website.