Is Your Furnace Getting Loud? Check The Blower Motor And Do Some Maintenance

If your furnace is getting loud when it turns on to heat the house, you want to get it inspected before it goes out and you need an emergency repair service appointment. Instead, call the heating and cooling company in your area to have the furnace looked at, and to see if you need to replace any parts.

You don't want to end up with a furnace that breaks down when the temperatures are low, and it's the middle of the night, and you don't want to have a mechanical problem that spirals out of control because one component damaged others. Here is what you want to do as soon as you notice the loud noises.

Schedule an Inspection

The HVAC company will look at all the mechanical components of the furnace to see which parts are faulty, what parts are wearing and need replaced, and if there are any mechanical issues. During this time they will also look at plumbing fixtures and electrical wiring, to see if there are other major concerns that could cost you money down the road, or that need to be fixed right away. The inspection could prevent safety hazards or problems.

Pay for Cleaning and Maintenance

Have the furnace cleaned and tuned-up while the HVAC inspection does the inspection. The cleaning is going to help the components work more easily, and the parts may need to be lubed for preservation. The cleaning also helps to improve the air quality, and you'll want to have the filter changed at the same time.

Blower Motor Replacement

Ask if the blower motor is the unit on the furnace that is making all the noise, and if you should replace it while the HVAC professionals are at your house. If you should, consider the cost for the parts and labor and determine if that is worth the investment, or if because of the furnace's age you should consider replacing it.

There are many efficient options if you're considering replacing the furnace, and if you don't think it's worth investing the money for a cleaning and inspection, or for part replacement. There are a lot of different issues that could be causing the loud noises in your furnace, and sometimes just getting the unit cleaned and tune-up can make those noises go away. Talk with the HVAC experts like Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air and get to the bottom of the problem sooner rather than later.