It's All About The Coils: Why You Need To Start The Summer With Clean AC Coils

Summer will be here before you know it. Now's the time to get your air conditioner up and running. If you're like most people, you haven't given your air conditioner much thought since summer wrapped up last year. Unfortunately, that means that your air conditioner coils may be quite dirty. It might not seem like your air conditioner coils do much work, but they actually do more than you think. In fact, the coils are an integral part of your air conditioner. To make sure they can do their job properly, you need to have them cleaned before summer arrives. If you're not sure what clean coils have to do with the performance of your air conditioner, here's some information that will shed some light on the issue.

Increases the Amount of Hot Air That can be Removed

When the coils are clean, the hot air that passes through is cooled down before it's sent through to your home. In essence, the hot air is cooled down before it's ever sent through the actual cooling system. Because the heat is removed through the coils, your air conditioner has an easier time cooling the air down the rest of the way. However, when the coils are dirty, they can't do an effective job of removing the heat, which means your home won't get as cool as it should.

Allows Your Air Conditioner to Work More Efficiently

Your air conditioner needs constant airflow to work properly. Dirty coils can prevent your air conditioner from getting the air flow that it needs, which means it will need to work harder. Unfortunately, on a hot day, that additional work can lead to system failure, which will leave you without an air conditioner altogether. You can help your air conditioner work more efficiently, and avoid system failure this summer, by having your coils cleaned.

Increases Air Flow to Your Home

If your coils are dirty, you're not going to get nearly enough airflow through your vents. That's because there won't be as much air being pulled through to the air conditioner. Unfortunately, if the flow isn't sufficient, your home isn't going to cool down; even if the air coming through is cool. To get sufficient airflow through to your home, you need to start the summer with clean coils.

Improves the Air Quality Inside Your Home

If you have allergies, you need to have clean coils on your air conditioner. When your coils are dirty, all those dirt and dust particles are going to get pushed right through your vents, which means you'll be breathing them in. You can reduce your allergy symptoms and improve the quality of your air by keeping your coils clean.

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