2 Things To Troubleshoot On Your Furnace

If your furnace has stopped working, you probably want to immediately call the furnace repair shop and have them come out and fix your furnace for you and get it running. However, there are some things that you should check before you call them, because you may be able to get your furnace working yourself, and you don't want to pay for a service fee if you don't have to. So, what are some things that you can do to make sure that your furnace is working?

Check For the Emergency Shutoff

All furnaces have an emergency shutoff. This turns them off in case there's a problem. However, sometimes the emergency shutoff will trigger itself and turn itself off on its own. If it does that, then all you may have to do is turn the shutoff back on to make sure that your furnace is running again. The shutoff is generally located near your furnace. It may be in the same room or just outside the room where your furnace is located. The shutoff switch could look like a light switch that you will just need to flip into the on position. The switch could also look like a knife switch or a button. If you can't see the switch at eye-height, look up by the ceiling. The goal is to keep the switch within reach but not so much within reach that you accidentally turn it off. 

Check for Fuel

If your furnace uses heating fuel, kerosene, or propane, you should go check your tank. You should have some kind of gauge on or near the tank that will tell you how much fuel you have. Your gauge may be a simple float gauge. The way that it works is that the amount of the fluid inside the tank will cause a little disk inside a small tube to raise. As the amount of fuel in the tank lessens, the pressure will lower, and the disk will lower. It may not be the most precise gauge, but it will be precise enough for you to get a good idea as to the amount of fuel you have in your tank. 

It never seems to fail that your furnace will on the coldest day of the year. You want to make it run as soon as possible. There are things that you can do to see if you can make it run, and if it doesn't work, then you can call a heating furnace repair professional to come fix your furnace ASAP.