4 Biggest AC Problems And How You Can Prevent Them With Routine Maintenance

There are some routine AC repairs that can be costly but can also be avoided with routine maintenance. For example, reducing your AC use during extreme heat can prevent stress and AC failure. You also want to make sure to keep your unit clean and do routine filter changes to avoid some of the most common problems with air conditioners. Here are some of the biggest AC problems and what you can do to prevent them.

1. Reduce Stress During Heatwaves by Setting Temperatures Higher

Heatwaves can be the cause of many AC failures during the hot summer months, which is why you want to reduce stress on your air conditioner during these times. Something as simple as setting the thermostat up a couple of degrees can greatly reduce stress and improve the performance of your system, while still keeping you cool during extreme summer heat.

2. Keeping Your Outdoor AC Unit Clean to Prevent Wear and Tear

It is extremely important to make sure that you clean your outdoor AC unit on a routine basis. Cleaning the outdoor unit helps to improve efficiency and prevent wear on the unit. Make sure that you clean it throughout the summer season, as well as in late fall before you winterize the unit to protect it during the cold months while it is not in use.

3. Routine Filter Changes That Reduce Wear and Many Common AC Problems

It is also important to do routine filter changes to ensure you do not have problems with your AC. There are several reasons why you want to change your air filter frequently. Routine filter changes help to improve air quality in your home, as well as energy efficiency. Changing the air filter will also reduce wear and problems with components getting dirty, which can lead to them freezing.

4. Avoiding Using the AC When You See Ice

While ice may seem like a good thing when you are trying to stay cool, it can be extremely bad for your household AC. Ice forms on components like coils and compressors when they are dirty and condensation forms. To avoid this problem, make sure to clean the unit regularly and stop using it if you notice ice and hot air coming out of the vents in your home.

These are some of the most common AC problems and what you can do to avoid them. If you need help with repairs and upgrades before summer, contact an AC repair service like Environmental Contractors and talk to them about maintenance and repairs.