What Can You Do About A Frozen Refrigerant Line?

No matter the weather conditions, an air conditioner's refrigerant line can freeze. If this happens, you need to have it checked right away. Fortunately, this issue can be prevented with routine HVAC maintenance. The following is some information about frozen refrigerant lines and what you should do:

What Should You Do First?

If you discover that your refrigerant line is frozen, you need to turn the air conditioner off and turn on the fan. This will help facilitate the defrosting process and help clear the line. If you do not do this, your air compressor can break. This is an expensive repair you want to avoid. 

What Is Causing the Leak?

The issue causing the frozen refrigerant line can be due to a variety of reasons. Some are more significant than others. You may just have a dirty air filter. When the air filter is dirty, it can clog and prevent the proper flow of air through the system. The refrigerant will then decrease in temperature and cause the line to freeze.

If you have any closed air vents throughout your home, go open them up right away. This can cause a frozen refrigerant line. The cold air is still flowing to the closed vents and can get stuck, which causes the temperature to decrease and possibly freeze the line. The cold air will condense in the ducting and cause mildew as well.

The coil may be frozen. You can look at the inside of your system and look for ice. You may also have a leak in refrigerant. Your levels of refrigerant should remain the same at all times. If it appears low, you have a leak that needs immediate attention. It is not uncommon for refrigerant levels to decrease a small amount over a long period of time. However, major decreases are cause for concern.

To prevent a frozen refrigerant line, you need to have regular maintenance on your air conditioner. You should have your system maintained at least a couple of times of year. The best time for regular maintenance is just before the summer and winter seasons. Your HVAC technician will check all the lines in your system to ensure they are clear and open. He or she will also clean the system and remove any dust and debris that can contribute to a frozen refrigerant line. If your system is low in refrigerant, your HVAC technician will add enough to bring it up to its proper levels so it will not freeze.

To learn more about frozen refrigerant lines and HVAC installation, reach out to a HVAC professional near you.