What To Know About AC Ductwork That Sweats

Do you have HVAC system ductwork that has water dripping from it and you do not know why? This could be due to an issue with your air conditioner. Here are a few things that you should know about sweating ductwork.

Why Does Ductwork Sweat?

When your ductwork drips water, it means that air that is warm and humid is coming in contact with a cold surface. It's very similar to having a cold drink in a glass when you're outside on a hot day. You'll notice the beads of water form in the glass, which is actually moisture being extracted from the air. The same logic applies to your ductwork and humid air since that humidity is going to come in contact with the cold surface of your HVAC system's ductwork and cause condensation to form. 

Is Sweating Ductwork A Reason To Be Concerned?

The main reason to be concerned about sweating ductwork is when it is causing a problem. For example, if you have ductwork above the portion of your finished basement, that condensation can cause water stains that are very difficult to get rid of. You may also have water collect on the floor, which makes it unenjoyable to step in puddles and get your socks wet. This will bring on the need to fix the problem because it will only get worse.

How Can You Fix Sweating Ductwork?

Condensation will only form on ductwork if the air that is inside your home is too humid. The best thing that you can do is look for places where the air is leaking into your home. There may be small cracks that are allowing humidity to infiltrate your home, and you'll need to insulate or seal those holes to ensure that the humidity doesn't have a way to get in.

You may also need to get a dehumidifier and place it in the lower level of your home where humidity is going to be high. You can have an HVAC professional install a whole-home dehumidifier that will remove the moisture out of the air as it is moved through the system, or purchase a separate dehumidifier for the space that prevents moisture from building up. 

Want to have a professional take care of this problem for you? Reach out to an HVAC specialist in your area, who can help install that whole-home dehumidifier for you and fix the issue for good.  

If you have additional concerns, contact a local air conditioning service.