How To Know It's Time To Consider AC Replacement

Choosing the right time for AC replacement saves you from paying high utility bills to achieve a comfortable indoor environment. An AC with low efficiency consumes more energy than it was designed to because most of its components struggle to keep up with your home's cooling needs. Here are telltale signs that indicate your AC is due for a replacement.

Frequent AC Breakdowns

If your AC technician regularly tunes up your AC, you shouldn't experience frequent breakdowns. Preventative maintenance allows your technician to spot potential AC repair issues before they get out of hand.  

An AC that breaks down even when it's adequately maintained indicates that you should consider AC system replacement. Timely AC replacement not only guarantees a comfortable indoor environment but also saves you from frequent AC repair costs. 

Inconsistent Cooling

A fully functional AC should sustain the desired room temperatures and humidity levels in your indoor spaces. If you experience inconsistent cooling from your AC, it means the unit has malfunctioned.

Consult your AC technicians to find out if the defects are repairable. A professional will recommend an AC replacement if the system's inconsistency in cooling is a problem that won't go away with one repair. Instead of sinking money into never-ending AC repairs, your AC technician will recommend that you purchase a new unit.

Long Cooling Cycles

An efficient AC unit cools your indoor spaces in record time so you can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment. If you have to wait a while before the AC achieves desirable temperatures and humidity levels, it might be time to consider AC replacement.

Long cooling cycles not only inconvenience you but also cause your unit to consume more energy. When multiple components of your AC fail, the unit's overall efficiency dramatically falls, and the unit struggles to function as it should. Getting a new unit allows you to get back to enjoying indoor comfort without having to pay high utility bills.

High Utility Bills

While slight fluctuations in your energy costs are expected, a drastic increase in utility bills should be cause for alarm. High energy bills indicate that your AC is consuming more energy than usual to keep your indoor spaces cool.

As AC units age, their efficiency declines because the components wear out. After years of service, the once energy-efficient unit has to consume more energy to keep up with your house's cooling needs.

Replacing an AC unit that has outlived its usefulness saves you from incurring high energy bills to keep your house cool. Your AC technician will help you upgrade to a modern unit to cut down on utility bills. 

If you've experienced any of the telltale signs discussed above, contact your technician to find out if it's time for AC replacement. Work with reliable HVAC contractors who can help you choose a unit that meets your house's cooling needs. For more information, contact a company like John's Air Conditioning and Heating Service, LLC.