The Cleaning And Maintenance Mechanical Basement Drainage Systems Need

If you have a home on a basement foundation, it is likely that there is some type of mechanical drainage system. These systems start with French drains that are installed inside or outside of your home and may include other features like a sump pump well. The following information will help you with the maintenance of these mechanical drainage systems:

Cleaning the French Drain System

The main type of drainage system that is used in modern foundations is a French drain. These are specially designed systems that use a drain that is installed at a lower elevation than the structural foundation. This allows water and moisture to flow into the system and away from your home. Over time these systems can become blocked with sediments and buildup that finds its way into the system. Therefore, you may need to have the French drains cleaned by a professional drain cleaning service to ensure they are doing their job to keep your foundation dry.

Inspecting Drains for Signs of Damage

After the French drain lines have been cleaned, it may be a good idea to have them inspected for damage that is causing problems. Ask your drain cleaning service about doing a camera inspection of the lines to ensure they are all in good shape. If there are any problems with the drain lines of your drainage system, the drain cleaning service may be able to recommend options for repairing the damage. The drain cleaning service may be able to help with minor repairs, but you may need another contractor to handle big jobs like replacing large sections of pipe.

Cleaning and Testing Sump Pump Systems

The sump pump is another area of your system where you might need to have maintenance done. This is often where the drain cleaning service has access to the French drain pipes, and it needs to be cleaned too. Ask them about cleaning the sump pump well and testing the pump to ensure it turns on and is pumping the water away from your foundation when needed. If the pump is working too slow or inefficiently, cleaning it may solve these problems. You may want to replace the pump if it is too small or undersized.

The mechanical drainage systems include modern plumbing systems that need maintenance. Contact a drain cleaning service for help with the maintenance of these systems to prevent problems with your system.