4 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs To Be Tuned Up

With summer in full swing, if you want to be comfortable, you will need to make sure you are taking proper care of your air conditioning system. If your air conditioning systems start to give you any of the warning signs below, that is a sure sign that you need to schedule a professional tune-up for your system.

#1: Air Isn't That Cool

When your air conditioner is running, the air that is coming out of it should feel nice and cool. If your air conditioner is blowing air that feels a little on the warmer side, that is a strong sign something is not working correctly with your air conditioning system. Your system may have a dirty filter that needs to be replaced. Or you may have some evaporator coils that are frozen and need to be cleaned. Or you may have a refrigerant leak that needs to be repaired. These are all issues that can be addressed with a tune-up.

#2: Strange Sounds

You should be pretty familiar with the sounds that your system makes during a course of normal operation. Commonly, it will make a humming or whooshing sound as it works. The sounds are usually quiet.

If your system starts to make a really loud sound, that is not a good sign. If the sound isn't just present for a moment, but the sound instead lingers, that is even a stronger sign that something is wrong. Squealing is often associated with a loose part, such as a belt. Screeching is often associated with a refrigerant leak. Any strange sound should be investigated, as it could be a sign that something is not operating correctly with your operation.

#3: Excessive Humidity

Third, your air conditioning system is designed to not only allow your home to cool off, but it is also designed to help control the humidity in your home. If you notice that moisture is building up in your home, such as around the windows in your home or on the walls, that is usually a sign that something is wrong with your system.

In most cases, you may have an issue with the evaporator coils or with the refrigerant. Both of these parts can create an air that is cool but humid, which will lead to moisture in your home. This issue can be fixed with a tune-up.

#4: Weak Airflow

When the air comes out of your ducts, it should push through at a strong rate. The airflow shouldn't get weaker over time; it should be consistent over time. If the airflow is weak, you may have an issue with the air filter or have an issue with your ducts. Either way, the issue can be addressed and fixed with a tune-up.

If you want to keep enjoying your summer, pay attention when your air conditioning system gives you signs that it wants a tune-up. Warm air, weak airflow, excessive humidity, and strange sounds are all signs that your system needs to be repaired. If you notice these signs, contact a local air conditioning service.