4 Common Causes Of Severe AC Condenser Complications

All air conditioning systems have two main parts, the indoor and the outdoor part. The one in the house circulates cool air inside the home. It has a heat exchange coil, fan, and signal receiver that performs this role. On the other hand, the outdoor has a condenser and compressor. It circulates the refrigerant and creates a heat change situation where the gaseous refrigerant turns back into a liquid and releases the heat from the atmosphere. The condenser is, therefore, a crucial part of the entire AC unit's function. Here are the four main reasons why your condenser could fail and how to deal with those issues.

Debris Accumulating On the Unit

The condenser unit resides outside the home and typically collects a lot of leaves, soil, and other debris from the environment. You should pay attention to the area around the unit and ensure that it is always clean and free from clutter. External objects cause extensive damage once they get inside the unit. Always clear the area surrounding the outdoor unit and ensure it remains that way.

Refrigerant Leaks

Leaks are a common problem with the condenser unit. The condenser links to the indoor unit via a line that allows refrigerant circulation. If coolant starts leaking through cracks or holes in the system, the compressor will malfunction when pumping refrigerant through the system. It is wise to let professionals manage issues connected with the refrigerant. For example, if you put too much refrigerant in the compressor, the entire compressor might fail.

Failure of the Electrical System

The electrical system is what powers up the entire operation of your air conditioning unit. If the compressor's electrical parts malfunction, the compressor might stop working. Note that the condenser powers the motor, fan, and compressor using electricity. Hissing sounds often indicate that the electrical switch wears out and needs repair.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils are another common cause of compressor issues. Dirt and debris get inside the unit when the filter stops working efficiently. When clogged, the coils will not efficiently discharge heat. As a result, your condenser unit will malfunction completely. Cleaning the coils is a delicate process that needs professional assistance. Ask a technician to clean them and restore their function.

Regular AC maintenance can help prevent a good number of these problems. You can hire an air conditioning repair professional to help you check the unit and repair it when you notice signs of trouble.