AC Services: 6 Signs You Need AC Repair

Unfortunately, an aging or faulty air conditioner will break down at the most inconvenient time. And, pushed beyond its limits, a broken AC might not pull through the demanding hot summer. Therefore, regular AC maintenance, identifying signs of failure, and timely repairs are essential. This article looks are subtle signs indicating that your air conditioning system requires urgent repairs. 

Limited Airflow from the Vents

Little or no air flowing from the vents is an obvious indication that your AC is failing. Weak airflow points to an air duct or compressor problem in most cases. An HVAC technician will evaluate the problem and suggest an appropriate solution.

Blowing Out Warm Air

If your AC unit fails to blow cool, refreshing air, you should first check the thermostat. Ensure it is set to a temperature lower than the room's temperature. If this does not resolve the issue, it may be time to contact an HVAC technician to recalibrate the system. Most times, thermostat failure occurs when the compressor breaks down or the system experiences restricted airflow.

Increasingly Frequent Cycles

Typically, an AC unit goes through regular cooling cycles. It goes through more cycles during hotter months. Nonetheless, the AC should not cycle excessively. Short cycles indicate a need for a tune-up.

This problem can result from a dirty air filter, frozen evaporator coils, and wiring problems. Furthermore, a mismatch between the area to be cooled and the AC's size can cause short cycling. So call an HVAC contractor as soon as you detect this problem.

Water Leaks from the Unit

An AC needs a refrigerant to carry out its cooling function. The refrigerant usually condenses as it runs through the unit. However, this process should not result in leaks in a functional unit. Pooling of water, therefore, indicates a drain pipe clog or a frozen evaporator coil, requiring the attention of a technician.

Strange Sounds

When your HVAC unit begins to produce unexpected noises, something is crucially wrong. Hissing, loud shrieks, pops, and rattling may indicate worn-out parts, refrigerant leakage, or loose or broken components. Some of these issues, such as a refrigerant leak, must be addressed quickly, as they may adversely affect your health.

Failing Thermostat

The thermostat regulates how much cold air the AC produces. It takes temperature readings to ensure it is only as high as the setting. Unfortunately, when the thermostat's sensor begins to fail, it can no longer register correct readings.

In this case, you may try comparing its reading to a portable indoor thermometer to verify its readings. Signs of thermostat failure are inconsistent AC uptime, higher utility bills, and shifting temperature ranges.

If you notice any of these signs, your AC needs repair or replacement. Get in touch with an HVAC technician at a company like Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling to evaluate the extent of the problem and fix it.