3 Reasons Mini-Split Heat Pumps Are Right For Your Rental Conversion

Rental properties can be fantastic investments, but converting a single-family home into a rental often requires significant work and renovations. If your property has an aging HVAC system, you're probably looking at cost-effective upgrade options before searching for tenants. While there are many options for rental properties, mini-split heat pumps are often an excellent choice for single-family conversions.

If you don't know much about heat pumps, check out these three reasons you may want to consider one over a traditional forced-air furnace.

1. Easier Retrofitting

If you're dealing with an older home, you may not have an existing forced-air ductwork system. Unfortunately, there are many downsides to leaving an older hydronic heating system in a rental property. Even if the home does have a forced-air heating system, you may need to significantly modify it if you're converting the house into a multi-unit dwelling.

Mini-split systems require little, if any, modification to a house to work effectively. These units consist of only an outside unit and an indoor head unit. You can install a mini-split heat pump without needing to retrofit new ductwork, potentially saving you money and allowing you to profit from your investment much more quickly.

2. Less Maintenance

Mini-split systems can be much easier and cheaper to maintain than traditional central heating systems. Since you don't need to worry about plumbing for a hydronic system or ductwork for a forced-air system, you'll get to remove a significant source of maintenance costs. These systems also remove common concerns such as leaky ducts or mold growing in old, poorly maintained ductwork.

Since heat pumps are reversible and can function as air conditioners, you'll also have less equipment to maintain. Instead of annual upkeep on both a furnace and an air conditioner, you'll only have a single unit to maintain each year.

3. Improved Efficiency

Heat pumps can offer a substantial efficiency upgrade over traditional furnaces while still providing the same efficiency as a conventional air conditioning system. If you plan to cover utility costs for your tenants, this efficiency can significantly benefit your bottom line. On the other hand, tenants are likely to appreciate the lower HVAC utility bills even if you aren't covering these costs.

When converting a home into a rental property, it's always best to keep things as simple and cost-effective as possible. Mini-split heat pumps are an excellent way to modernize your rental property, provide efficient heating, and reduce your long-term maintenance expenses. 

Look into mini-split heating systems for more information.