Air Conditioner Re-Gassing: What Is It and When Do You Need It?

Air conditioning systems are an essential appliance in every home. AC units need frequent maintenance and professional air conditioning services to ensure optimal functionality. Sometimes, your unit might reduce its cooling efficiency. Often, air conditioning units reduce their efficiency due to leaking gas. The remedy is to get re-gassing services. Here is your guide on re-gassing.

Understanding Re-Gassing

It is the process through which air conditioning technicians refill the gas in an air conditioner. The gas serves as a refrigerant and helps with cooling. When an AC unit begins to leak its gas, its cooling ability reduces. Therefore, instead of passing cold air, it will only emit warm air.

How to Tell If Your Unit Needs Re-Gassing

People often forget to check the AC gas when performing routine air conditioning inspections. A leaking air conditioning unit will need re-gassing. A gas leak reduces the gas level, hampering its cooling ability. It is hard to tell about the leakage since, in most cases, it is minimal. Therefore, it can be hard to detect unless an experienced HVAC technician inspects the unit. However, some signs can indicate your system needs re-gassing.

You need re-gassing if there isn't much difference when your AC is on and off. The reduced functionality could be due to the gas leaking. Additionally, if the air coming from the vents is no longer as cold as it used to be, you might need re-gassing.

If you notice ice on the unit, it might indicate a gas shortage. When the refrigerant is low, the pressure is also low, and so are the temperatures. Therefore, any liquid will freeze and form ice or frost. Imbalanced distribution of air is also an indication that your unit needs re-gassing. When the refrigerant is low, wind distribution doesn't happen uniformly. Consequently, some rooms may become too cold while others receive warm air. 

When the AC gas leaks, your unit will take too much to run effectively. The unit cannot absorb a lot of heat from the air coming from the rooms and cannot cool all the air, meaning it will take more time than it used to in order to cool the room. If your system takes longer to cool a room, it might need re-gassing.

Get Reliable Air Conditioning Services

When the refrigerant level is low, your AC unit will be inefficient. You shouldn't always wait for the AC system to leak to re-gas it. Always schedule routine air conditioning services to keep your unit functioning optimally. Re-gassing is best done by pros who understand the different parts of an air conditioning unit and have the necessary experience.