Causes Of A Burning Odor From The Aid Conditioner And Ways To Resolve It

Sometimes you may turn on the air conditioning unit only to get a burning odor. In such a case, it's only natural to worry that your AC is on fire and may compromise your safety. However, you should know that this is rarely the case, and the odor comes from other causes. That said, since the last thing you want is an unpleasant burning smell as your try to cool your space, you may wonder why this is happening. Here are four reasons your unit is giving off a strong burning smell.

When the Capacitor Is Not Working Properly

The capacitor is the part of your air conditioner that provides electric current to the motor. As such, it stores and distributes electrical current. Given this function, this crucial component is prone to overheating, especially if there are power surges. Ultimately, an overheating motor will give off the smell of burning plastic. If this is the case, an AC service expert can assess your capacitor and determine whether the damages are repairable or if you need to replace it.

When the Problem is in the Wiring

If your home smells like burning rubber or plastic, chances are the coat around the electrical wiring is melting. This is especially the case when you have an old AC with poor or damaged wiring. It's crucial to note that damaged wiring is dangerous as it can cause an electrical fire. Hence, an AC technician should rewire the system to eliminate a fire hazard and improve the AC's efficiency.

When there is too Much Dust Inside the System

The inside of the air conditioning unit gathers a lot of dust over time. In most cases, this dirt comes from overworked air filters and leaks in the ducts. Hence, when you turn the AC on, it combusts and gives off a burning smell. Although the odor disappears within a few minutes, you can prevent this issue from reoccurring by cleaning or replacing the filters. In addition, sealing the leaks in the ductwork will also help prevent dust buildup.

When There is a Malfunction in the Motor

The motor is an important part of the AC unit as it drives the fan and keeps the unit cool. Sometimes, the source of the smell might be damage within the motor and its components. This is especially the case when an overheating motor affects the bearings. As such, you should constantly check these crucial components and ensure they have proper lubrication. Failure to do so will encourage friction, sparking, and a burning smell. So, ensure all moving parts are always oiled to air proper function.

You should call an AC repair technician whenever you aren't sure about the cause of a burning smell from your unit. They will troubleshoot the issue, locate the culprit, and devise a timely solution.

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