Keep Your Air Filtering System Running: Why Routine Repairs May Be Necessary

Having an air filtering system in your home will help improve the air quality by removing tons of dust particles often linked to asthma and breathing-related issues. Eliminating harmful toxins in the air can keep you and your loved ones healthier, but that means you will need a functioning air filtering system running at all times. When using such an essential system non-stop, issues within the system can develop, requiring repairs. However, routine repairs can prevent your system from breaking down, enabling it to continue doing its job of purifying the air throughout your home.

Common Repairs That Can Get Your Air Filtering System Working Like New

Even if you've had your air filtering system for a long time, making simple repairs can extend its lifespan even further so that you can enjoy fresh, high-quality air in every room, whether you're relaxing in the bedroom, preparing food in the kitchen, or sitting in the living room with the family. 

Filter Replacement

An air filtering system has the important job of filtering the air and getting rid of all those mold spores, dust particles, and more. When doing such a big job, the system's filter will surely need replacing occasionally. If you haven't cleaned it in a while, remove it from the system and give it a deep cleaning or simply replace the filter with a new one to ensure it's dust-free.

Interior Fan

The average air filtering system will have an interior fan that rotates back and forth, which helps capture harmful particles in the air and filter them out to provide fresher, cleaner air. The interior fan can wear down after a while and may need to be replaced. If it doesn't need replacing, something could obstruct it from moving as swiftly as it normally would, so it helps to have a professional check out the system to ensure all parts are where they belong and nothing obstructs the fan's movements.

Intake Hose

Some air filtering systems have intake hoses that can eventually crack, break, or become clogged with dirt particles. The intake hose may only need deep cleaning, but if there is damage to it, a replacement hose could be necessary.

Different parts of an air filtering system, like the ones mentioned above, may occasionally require repairs. HVAC contractors can assist in completing these repairs to prevent you from spending more money on an entirely new air filtering system. It's crucial to have the repairs completed before the system breaks to keep the air in your home as clean as possible. 

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