What's The Big Deal With Creosote?

If you own a wood-burning fireplace, then you've probably heard about creosote buildup. It's a common occurrence when you use your fireplace, but it can also be a serious danger if it isn't dealt with regularly. The following explains why creosote is such a big deal and how you can deal with the inevitable buildup. What Is It? A common byproduct of wood-burning, creosote is a distillation of the various tars and other chemicals commonly found in wood, fossil fuels, and other plant-derived materials.

Tips For Caring For Your Gas Stove

A gas stove can be an efficient and dependable option for your kitchen. However, you need to understand the type of care that these stoves require as it can be very different from an electric stove. To make sure that you are prepared to care for this type of stove, you should learn more about some of the basic care steps that you will need to follow to keep your gas stove in great condition.

Do You Want To Prevent Air Conditioner Coil Icing? Maintain Your Air Handler

To effectively cool a room, a central air conditioner needs to suck in air from a home. It usually relies on the air handler to do this. This, and the fact that the air handler is also responsible for pushing the air through the air ducts and into a home, makes air handler maintenance important. One of the main consequences of poor air handler maintenance is coil icing. Here is what you should know about the relationship between poor air handler maintenance and coil icing and what you can do to keep your air conditioner coils ice-free.

Is Your Furnace Getting Loud? Check The Blower Motor And Do Some Maintenance

If your furnace is getting loud when it turns on to heat the house, you want to get it inspected before it goes out and you need an emergency repair service appointment. Instead, call the heating and cooling company in your area to have the furnace looked at, and to see if you need to replace any parts. You don't want to end up with a furnace that breaks down when the temperatures are low, and it's the middle of the night, and you don't want to have a mechanical problem that spirals out of control because one component damaged others.

Clean Vent Covers And Duct Openings That Are Connected To Your Mobile Home's Central Air System

If you moved into an older mobile home and cool air does not blow strongly through the vents that are attached to the duct work that runs underneath the trailer when your central air conditioning system is turned on, debris may be trapped inside of each duct opening. The following steps will teach you how to clean the vent covers and duct openings to assist with even air flow. Once finished with the cleaning steps, keep the duct openings maintained to prevent future problems.